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       Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, Josh “Shug” Wiggins, a.k.a “Ja”, has created eye-popping works of art since the age of 4.  Highly influenced by the 60’s movement and the endless array of concert posters collected throughout his teen years, the admiration of his art teachers and other professionals grew through high school, as he became a standout for his ability to capture and display human emotions with great control and intensity through a variety of mediums.

        At age 16, Shug relocated to Dallas, where he quickly extended his network and made many friends around the metroplex. Standing a year from graduating, he faced a hard decision on his path in coming of age.  In one hand, he held acceptance letters and awards of scholarship from several prestigious art schools, while in the other he held the freedom and independence that followed lucrative job offers in an industry already making him a comfortable living.  With art on the back burner, he took the corporate world by storm, quickly darting up the ranks, all the while entertaining bosses and peers with legal pads and dry erase boards plastered with intricate designs, tags, and sketches.

        A key turning point in Shug’s life came as an exciting promotion at work landed him in the Islands of Hawaii. Already very interested in Rastafarianism and island cultures, living in Oahu would prove to permanently change and enhance his philosophies as he immersed deeply into the island ways full of new foods, artistic styles, as well as religious views and other elements of Asian and Pacific culture. The favorite pastimes of skateboarding and surfing took on a whole new meaning and significance as they were now integral parts of daily life.  Shug’s new environment inspired his art to new heights, as he teamed with skate/surf clothing line, “100 Percent”, assisting in design and even trying his hand at thread and needle work.

        After 3 years of living the island highlife, he was headed back to the mainland to face the next challenge in his corporate climb.  His roommates set him down the morning of his departure to receive his farewell gift, and several hours later, the tattoo piece on Shug’s right shoulder was complete.  A Japanese Style Koi Fish adorned with the buddhist Aum symbol would forever represent his new found sense of serenity and the rediscovered passion to appreciate and create art that he would take with him back to Dallas.

        Upon his return, Shug began recapturing and refining his drawing and design skills, filling notepads and sketchbooks with line and color work which blended his “Modern Pop Art Graffiti Style” with newly gained inspiration from Asian and traditional tattoo culture.  Soon, countless requests from friends and co-workers led Shug to restart the mural business he began in high school.  Shug’s artistic works and services are now available in limited release to the public in the form of drawings, paintings, murals, logos, graphic designs, faux finishes, and soon to come - tattooing!